The marketing workshop



Who is your why driven by?

We start with the who behind your why because need is key. How does this play out physically in your identity?

Your Mission & Vision Statements engage your team (like marketing strategies, sales funnels and operational plans); your Tagline engages your audience.  Knowing your audience is vital to understanding how to define your identity’s tone. Your voice is rooted in your brand, but is ultimately defined by how your audience hears.

Values are what align you with your audience & your team with your operations. The values you define should be based on how you will execute your work, and how you will communicate this execution to those who are gaining the most from your work.

Your commitment is the piece of the puzzle that connects your mission, vision and values to the operations driving your impact. 

Your turn

For those looking to participate in the Accountability Group, fill out the sections labeled “Your Turn” here & below. The sections are split up so you’re able to come back to this page throughout your week. The pages that are a part of this section of the review are 16-34; the templates for this section are found on pages 73-78.


Getting to know your neighbors

If you’re solving a problem, incubating progress, or cultivating creativity, the people you’re doing this for are going to become more than your audience, your clients — they’re going to become your neighbors, and you’re going to become a part of their community.

Surprise, surprise, people are more than statistics and data. So while you’re strategizing for algorithms and SEO, remember the unexpected to unspoken expectations define a wide array of results — when it comes to connecting with those you’re creating for. This is why we lean into psychographics and shared values when creating narratives to illicit engagement.

Think how people will hear. Impactful and Creative Industries both require integrating educational narratives into their Marketing Strategies as they help their communities shift and shake up culture.

Your turn

Let’s dive into outlining your audiences. People are dynamic & organic. Feeling stuck? Think about people in your own life or clients you’ve already served. Remember that people are complex & constantly growing – can your brand speak to the multiple sides of people? This is where a narrative comes in, it creates a brand that focuses on growth & the multiple layers of life. 


Mind the gap

Do you know your competition? Knowing who else is offering similar services is vital when showing investors, team members or your clients how your work is vital, creating a solution that is missing on the market.

For those writing a Business Plan or Grants, having a keen understanding of your competition is required for many applications.

For those needing help making their Marketing stand out (especially in more saturated markets), knowing what your competition is lacking and where you offer unique distinctions can drive details amidst daily narratives to defining the sole of your deliverables and service descriptions. 

Your turn

Taking the time to write out a profile for those you want to work with– whether it be a vendor you hire to help you manage your operations, to a Virtual Assistant or Business Partner– helps you define your needs during a time where you’re not needing to make a rapid addition to support sudden success or to take on tasks to help you alleviate burn out. This also helps you get in the mindset of writing profiles, like those you’ll write about your audiences in the next section.