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Looking at what you should do to kick off your Marketing? This page will help you do just that! Our Marketing Workbook isn’t a one-sized-fit-all. We made it specific to Freelancers, Creatives & Small Business Owners (teams of less than 10), who are committed to created a streamlined & aligned Marketing Strategy for an organization that’s as impactful as it is de-siloed.

Does this sound like you?

If your answer is along the lines of “fuck yes”,  let’s get started. If you still don’t know, scroll down to book a free one-on-one session with me (the gal in the photo & the author of the book).

First off, have you gotten your book? It offers over 200 questions throughout its entirety, prompts to help you explore your work and create content from multiple perspectives. 

If you’ve signed up for a Workshop Series, you should have already received the digital download of the Marketing Workbook. If not, give us a holler. 

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A De-Siloed Approach For Freelancer, Creative & Small Business Marketing

This Workbook provides a thorough checklist to help you align your internal & external cultures in a clear & consistent narrative in order to maximize your impact and your growth. We designed this workbook for those who are working hard & changing the world but haven't had the capacity to talk about their work so they can expand their impact. Over 100 pages help you create a persona to showcase your work through a relatable narrative; better understand your deliverable & audience potential through integrated visual and textual narratives; and connect the dots between your work's identity and a multi-media marketing strategy. Don't know if this Workbook is best for you or how to get started? Book a consult session with Chelsea!
For those participating in the Virtual Marketing Workshop Series, you'll enjoy emails offering unique insight into each section of the Workbook, along with extra helpful hints and templates. Each email will also direct you to the Marketing Workbook Digital Review (or click the button below), that houses the forms for you to fill out to participate with the Accountability Group -- a group of those that have participated in recent In-Person Workshops & the Virtual Series also looking to ensure they finish their brand build-out & marketing calendar outline in the next 3-6 months.These questions can be filled out in the "Your Turn" forms on each page














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It's why I'm here! Feeling shy & not wanting to participate in the Accountability Group, so you're looking for personal feedback? Stuck on a section & don't know how to make edits to move forward? Let's talk! For those who have signed up for either In-Person or Virtual Workshops, I offer THREE 1-on-1's throughout the 3 months after you sign-up to help you stay on track with your goals.