We give a voice
to impact & catalyze
change through action.

We work in the place where
humans & nature meet.

We give a voice
to impact & catalyze
change through action.

We work in the place where
humans & nature meet.

Narratives & Identity

What we do:
Develop a Plan for Impact

How we do it:
Brand & Identity Development
Culture Books & Business Operation Plans
Impact Growth Strategies

What questions we start with:
How do we connect the dots between
who we are and our audiences’ needs?
How do we align what we do with what we say?

What we do:
Increase Value by Sharing Sustainable Change

How we do it:
Marketing To Sales Strategies
Content & Campaign Development

What questions we start with:
How do we speak to be heard?
How do our communities become a part of the change?

Community Engagement


What we do:
Implement Infrastructure for Impact

How we do it:
Design & Space Operations
Minimal Impact Build-Outs & Sustainable Interior Design

What questions we start with:
How do we align values & vision with physical space?
How do we implement change day-to-day?

What we do:
Define You as a Leading Company of Change

How we do it:
Educational Marketing
Resource Development
Educational Programming & Expert Collaborations
Impact Growth Strategies

What questions we start with:
How can we be a model for other companies?
How can we shift value to be human
and nature centric?

Intention & Direction

Research & Development

What we do:
Understand Impact & Grow from Lessons Learned

How we do it:
Project Management
Analysis & Feedback Systems
New Organization Research Case Studies

What questions we start with:
How do we use communication as part of our culture?
How do we strategize to shift when needed?

The Marketing

We design tools that engage and empower you & your team. Our Marketing Workbook challenges you to take a de-siloed approach while defining your identity.

What does the book contain?

This Workbook provides a thorough checklist to help you align your internal & external cultures in a clear & consistent narrative in order to maximize your impact and your growth. The book is 110 pages of content, checklist & notes pages. It reviews the vital pieces needed to define a strong identity; the multiple areas of your work that connect & effect your marketing; and the template outline to create strong & intentional content.

Who is this for?

We designed this workbook for those who are working hard & changing the world but haven't had the capacity to talk about their work so they can expand their impact. 

How will this help me manage my own Marketing?

This Workbook will:

   | Ensure you have all the pieces of the puzzle to design an identity for your work through personification. People connect with people. We create a persona to showcase the passion & purpose of your work through a relatable narrative.

   | Help you better understand your deliverable & audience potential through integrated visual and textual narratives.

   | Connect the dots between your work's identity and a multi-media marketing strategy.

How much is this?

The Digital Book is $45.This provides a direct download of the book and a link to a live, digital book.


The Physical Book is $85.You will receive your physical book in the mail within 5-7 business days (post the initial shipment on October 5, 2021). This also provides a direct download of the book & a link to a live, digital book.


Our Five-Month Digital Course, that thoroughly reviews this book through newsletters & digital story series starts October 15:

     | For the Digital Download & Digital Course, it costs $90 (Taxes Included)

     | For the Physical Book & Digital Course, it costs $125 (Taxes & Shipping Included)


Taking a leap to hire a copywriter was one of the best decisions I made for my company this year. I used to spend hours at the computer, staring at the screen, trying to write about myself and my company. I would struggle with how to connect with my clients, and some of my sentences didn’t make sense. Hiring Chelsea was a total game changer, not only did she help me write more effective sentences, but she also gives me great business tips along the way. She truly cares about the companies she works for and your success is her success.

Bethany Michaela , Co-Founder of Sojourner Society

Communication is essential and it takes a tremendous amount of ability to communicate effectively - this is where Chelsea thrives. Working with her has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Bringing Form Follows onto a project is like having a trick up your sleeve, because what they bring to the table is more than just writing, creativity & ideas - they breathe life into every project.

Mat Miller , Owner of 1984 Studios

Chelsea & Michael have the ability to synthesize all the info and ideas from a client, and translate it into all of the ingredients of an engaging brand. Chelsea thrives on launching big ideas and her energy and enthusiasm about her clients makes each project a delight. If you want to bring your brand alive in the digital space, especially on a deadline, this team can make it all happen for you.

Amy King , Co-Founder of Good Coworking

We would love
to work with you.

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