Hello. It’s nice to meet you.

Recently someone asked who we are & what we do, and I finally realized why it’s so hard to say how we do just one thing — because what we create is based on need; we look at the change that has to happen to reshape culture and our abilities to sustainably grow together within communities, a perspective that is far from singular. While the resources and tools to make this kind of change fluctuate client to client, our intention and focus always stays the same.

Led by a writer, we put words first. Words begin a conversation; a conversation that connects two people; two people who come together to spark an idea; an idea that needs more words to be explained so it can be explored; an exploration that is chiseled into a reality; a reality that becomes an experience, bringing a community together. Words begin things, they grow things, and they change how we feel. 

A focus on feeling is what led to launching Form Follows with Michael Rosson. He brought an impactful perspective to our narrative as his work explored the impact culture has on buildings and vice versa. We integrated this direction into our work as we discovered together that design and definition has two sides to every story: the story of how something is made and the story of its impact on others. Our collaboration established our services within culturally driven design, all dedicated to making sure neighbors, leaders, teams and communities have the healthy foundation for working together.

This is where we discovered change happens, where environments are created that cultivate collaborative progress. This is where Form Follows grew from – the need for a studio that is just for those looking to make a change in their internal and external communities; a company that is flexible enough to support the individual needs of a client; a place where we can explore possibilities and manage the ever-shifting timelines that come with progress.

Our Creativity & Sustainability Studio builds a foundation for transparent practices, writes narratives to highlight your impactful goals, and defines the designs necessary for your team and brand to align with them. 

So to answer the question of who we are & what we do — put simply, we’re the people who give a fuck. We are called Form Follows because our work is formed dependent on our clients’ communities needs. We challenge ideas at every turn, use our passion as our momentum, and are specialists in helping others cultivate their visions for the good of people as much as the planet.

– Chelsea; Writer, Editor & Co Founder of Form Follows