The marketing workshop



Let's start with who: you

We start with who because: 

People connect with people. Creating an outline of who you are & how your expertise is aptly designed to grow your work offers your content the opportunity to create trust with your audiences.

Collaboration cultivates community– if you’re looking to create an impact, you need to know about all those involved. Being acutely aware of your own strengths gives you the opportunity to learn about the team you need to cultivate to support your work’s vision. 

Knowing your persona helps your team as much as it supports your sustainability. To create a passionate persona for your work, you need to start with the people behind the effort. Knowing your own strengths and showing your collaborators how their own expertise is vital defines the foundation for creating a connected, celebrated & invigorated culture. Knowing the differences between the person driving the vision (you) and the persona of your work (your brand’s identity), allows you to see the split between your personal and professional lives– a vital split to help you stay focused on your work’s objectives, not your personal agenda.

Your turn

For those looking to participate in the Accountability Group, fill out the sections labeled “Your Turn” here & below. The sections are split up so you’re able to come back to this page throughout your week. The template pages in The Marketing Workbook, for this section, are found on pages 71-72.


What're you biting into?

Marketing is about connecting with clients, offering resources & being proactive with your narrative. Knowing your strengths helps you avoid future stress, offering you an opportunity to both create content and dip your toe into your operations.

Your bio should connect your passion to your purpose, telling your audience in a tone they connect with, how your experience makes you an amazing leader in your work & why your approach fills a gap that others can’t.

You’re fucking cool & you know why you’re here, you’ve got this.

Your turn

We encourage folx to write a 400-500 word bio in multiple paragraphs that allows you to restructure your bio easily for shifts in need (ex. a speaking engagement bio, an interview, a client proposal, etc)


What makes you stand out?

Your work’s services aren’t just defined by your expertise, it’s the culmination of the vision driven by your focus that leads a community cultivated to see this work succeed.

Finding amazing people to work with is easy, making sure they’re the people that fit best with your work & will provide constructive collaboration is tough.

Knowing the types of folks you are looking for & the standards you know you need are vital to have defined when caught in the moment of meeting incredible humans also dedicated to impact.

Choosing the wrong people to work with is a major time waste — we encourage our clients to make this outline during their brand build-out to ensure they are aligning their values & vision with potential growth.

Your turn

Taking the time to write out a profile for those you want to work with– whether it be a vendor you hire to help you manage your operations, to a Virtual Assistant or Business Partner– helps you define your needs during a time where you’re not needing to make a rapid addition to support sudden success or to take on tasks to help you alleviate burn out. This also helps you get in the mindset of writing profiles, like those you’ll write about your audiences in the next section.